Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ready STock items from Tupperware Brands

Cuci-cuci mata dulu,
price will add later..

Thank you so much for support towards Tupperware Brands..
p/s: sesiapa yang belum jadi ahli tuppy, sila email saya..
ada hadiah Tupperware Oversea khas utk anda.


Bento box mike and Tumbler

Wash and Strain
Retail Price : RM 25

Salt and Spice (2)
include With rack to store it nicely =)
Price : RM 45

Commuter mug 360ml
Pink = RM 40
Blue = RM  40

*boleh isi kopi smbil minum dalam tren dgn bergaya =)

Syampu yg sgt best!!
utk ibu-ibu yang lepas bersalin, rambut gugur byk..
recomend to try this product..
its work!

Syampu = RM 26
Conditioner : RM 23

Water Wonder 10L 
MM rectangle in blue
plus free Outdoor tumbler 2 units)

Price : RM 160

ALLEGRA MODULAR BOWL 600ml (3 units)
ALLEGRA BOWL 3.5L  (1 unit)
ALLEGRA BOWL 1.5L  (1 unit)

Price : RM 150

Picnicholic Bag
Prosperity Fortune set

Comprises of:
Large deep plates (2)
Cutlery Set (4)
High Handolier (1) 1.5L
Giant Tumbler (2) 470ml
Round Keeper (2) 380ml
Jumbo Goody Box Small with Canolier (2) 2L
Prosperity Fortune Bag (1)

RM260.00 Retail
RM 158.00 NOW (save over 35%)