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Limited Edition from Tupperware Malaysia

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how this microwave rice cooker work!

 Finally, perfect rice every time. With the Tupperware® Microwave Rice
Maker you can cook almost any type of rice and/or grain fast, easy, and
virtually mess free. By cooking and serving in one container, you can
save time, energy and space in your kitchen.

Key Features and Benefits
• The Tupperware® Microwave Rice Maker is easy to use. Simply fill
the base with the ingredients, close securely and place in the
• Cook and serve in the same container.
• Leftover rice and/or grains can also be stored in the refrigerator
and re-heated in the microwave as needed. Note: The cover is not
liquid tight.
• The Microwave Rice Maker comes in three parts: Base, Insert and
Cover. Assembly instructions are conveniently etched on the Insert.
• The Microwave Rice Maker features a unique double cover that
collects the foam created during cooking and channels it into the
recessed area of the cover, then drains it back into the base. Your
microwave stays clean and safe from spills.
• Maximum fill for rice and water located on the outside of the base.
• The cover handles fold down and lock on the base, giving you a solid
grip when removing hot rice from the microwave.
• For best results, keep rice and water within the guidelines marked on
the container and use the correct power levels and cooking times for
your microwave.
• Makes up to 4 cups of cooked rice.

To Use
• Fill the base with rice first and then add water, paying attention to the
maximum fill line. To avoid boiling over, do not exceed maximum
• Place the insert on to the base with the rimmed side up.
• Line up the handles of the lid with the handles on the side of the base.
Snap the handles in place by folding down and “clicking” the handles
of the cover on the handles of the base to lock them in place.

For Best Results
• Rinse the rice unless otherwise stated on the packaging.
• Use cold water.
• When cooking with salt (1 tsp.) add 2 – 4 minutes of cooking time.
• Allow rice to stand 5 minutes before serving.
• Fluff the rice after cooking with a plastic non-scratch Tupperware

Cooking Guidelines for 4 servings:
All Rice and/or Grain needs to stand for at least 5 minutes before
servings unless otherwise noted below.

• The Microwave Rice Maker is safe for temperatures between
32° - 248°F/ 0° - 120°C.
• Do not use in the freezer and do not exceed 248°F/ 120°C.
• Do not cook rice without water.
• Do not add fats, oils, or liquids that contain fat such as milk. Use only
water for cooking rice.
• The Microwave Rice Maker is not suitable for making risotto or rice
• Do not use abrasives or sharp utensils to avoid scratching.
• Respect the maximum fill line. Do not overfill to avoid boil-over. For
rice with a high starch content, cook small quantities.
• Always lift the lid away from you to avoid burning from steam buildup.
• Always use oven mitts when removing cooked rice from the
microwave oven.

• Dishwasher safe.
• Refrigerator safe.
• Rinse the entire container immediately after use with cold water to
prevent strong odors or stains.
• To avoid stains, do not add tomato sauce, saffron, curry or other
colored spices. Do not reheat curry or tomato dishes in the
Microwave Rice Maker. Staining will not affect the performance of the
product and is not covered by the Tupperware® guarantee.

• Dimensions: 10.47 x 8.19 x 6.10”/26.6 x 20.8 x 15.5 cm
Grain/Water/Power & Time

Israeli Couscous 1 cup/ 237 mL 2 cups/ 473 mL High Power: 10 min.

Quinoa 1 cup/ 237 mL 2 cups/ 473 mL High Power: 8 min.
Stand: 15 min.

Texmati Rice 1 cup/ 237 mL 2 cups/ 473 mL High Power: 5 min.
Medium Power: 15 min.

Sushi Rice 1 cup/ 237 mL 11/2 cups/ 296 mL High Power: 5 min.
Medium Power: 15 min.

Basmati Rice 1 cup/ 237 mL 11/2 cups/ 355 mL High Power: 5 min.
Medium Power: 15 min.

Jasmine Rice 1 cup/ 237 mL 11/2 cups/ 355 mL High Power: 5 min.
Medium Power: 15 min.

Wild Rice 1 cup/ 237 mL 3 cups/ 710 mL High Power: 5 min.
Medium Power: 55 min.

Brown Rice 1 cup/ 237 mL 31/2 cups/ 828 mL High Power: 5 min.
Medium Power: 40 min.

White Rice (no salt) 1 cup/ 237 mL 11/2 cups/ 355 mL High Power: 5 min.
Medium Power: 15 min.

Cooking Time
Type of Grain* Grain Quantity* Water* in 1,000 W*
*Timing and water level should be adjusted according to grain quantity, microwave power setting, microwave wattage and desired moisture.
Sources from: http://tupperwaretalk.blogspot.com/2009/12/tupperware-microwave-rice-maker.html